8 Key Benefits Of Becoming A Personal Trainer

8 Key Benefits Of Becoming A Personal Trainer

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on 12/04/2022 by Gary Wiswell

8 Key Benefits Of Becoming A Personal Trainer

Do you have a passion for fitness? Are you always spotting your friends or even strangers in the gym? Are you constantly throwing out tips and being the beating heart of the gym? Or perhaps you are the subdued yet passionate person, always pushing your friends to hit that extra rep in their last set?

Whoever you are, the potential is there, and your first client could be right around the corner. If you are unsure this is the right path for you, read on as we go through the 8 key benefits of becoming a personal trainer.

Earning Potential

One benefit of becoming a personal trainer is earning potential. For a good personal trainer, this is only limited by how much you are charging for your services, how many clients you have and how much work you are willing to do. If you put the work in working 7 days a week, your earning potential will be through the roof! Even if you are pursuing it as a side-hustle, you can still earn a tidy sum and have time in your life for the other important things!

Be your own boss 

Becoming a personal trainer means becoming your own boss! While all your mates are grabbing coffees for their boss and getting into the office for their morning starts. You can be in charge of your own destiny. Working when you choose, charging an amount you think is appropriate for your time and taking home all of the profits. If you aspire to be your own boss, becoming a PT could be for you!

Flexible schedule

As stated previously, being your own boss means that you can take charge of when you work. Whether you want to avoid working weekends or have your evenings free. Maybe you want to work every day to save for something big? Whatever you want, there should be a compromise you can find that suits you perfectly.

Helping people to improve their health

Being a PT means that you are committing your time to support others on their fitness journeys and watching their health visibly improve. At the end of the day, playing such a significant role in someone’s life is a very rewarding experience, filled with nothing but positivity and joy.

Finding the perfect client

Watching one of your clients grow and become the next Arnold is, quite literally, the biggest benefit of becoming a personal trainer! It is great to think that your influence, diet plans and workout routines create such awesome results! Finding that perfect client who sticks to the plans, works hard and is a great laugh really motivates you as a trainer! Not every client will be like this, but that makes the ones that are all the more worth it!

Have an active job (Minimal office or sedentary work)

Being able to walk around on your feet all day, demonstrate exercises and meeting new people is an exciting part of the job. The life of a PT enables you to avoid the humdrum of office work, being sat at a desk all day might be your idea of a nightmare? If so, this is definitely a benefit of becoming a personal trainer.

Job Satisfaction

Leave at the end of the working day feeling satisfied. You have helped your clients to better themselves and move a step closer toward their goals. You have also made a good amount of money from doing something that you love! You can’t ask for more than that!

Finally, you can become fully qualified in as little as 6 weeks!

With a previous Level 2 qualification in gym instructing, you can take the Level 3 Personal Trainer Course with us at Fit Asylum and complete it in as little as 6 weeks. You will then be fully qualified and ready to become your own boss! Without a previous level 2, you can take our Diploma In Gym Instructing And Personal Training Course and become fully qualified in as little as 11 weeks. To find out more about the range of courses we offer here at Fitasylum, click here to get in contact today.


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