How Do I Become A Personal Trainer In The UK?

How Do I Become A Personal Trainer In The UK?

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on 08/04/2022 by Gary Wiswell


Are you a fitness fanatic, pushing your one-rep max or building for hypertrophy? Whatever your training style, YOU have something to offer people as a personal trainer. As a PT, you can help support and nurture your clients into the best version of themselves, both mentally and physically, whatever your body type or size. We'll walk you through the entire process of "How do I become a personal trainer in the UK."

Commit to the journey

So step one is to take the leap. It is a risk to pursue a career that is likely based on a hobby; however, it is essential to fully commit to the task at hand and realise this is what you want. Becoming a PT is a rewarding career where you get to keep active, help people become the best version of themselves AND work for yourself if you go self-employed. Weigh up the pros and cons and fully commit to your decision if you decide to take this journey and become a personal trainer.

Complete the relevant qualifications

Next, find a quality training provider and take the relevant qualifications. By law, it's required that all personal trainers working in the UK be certified with a level 3 qualification in personal training. This is to guarantee that you have all of the necessary knowledge to train your clients effectively. Here at FitAsylum, we offer level 3 qualifications in personal training in person and online. You can even look to take a level 4 qualification which will potentially allow you to specialise in sports science or a specific kind of fitness training.

You get experience in a gym

The next stage asking, “How do I become a personal trainer in the UK?” Get your first job in a gym. You will probably start by shadowing other PTs and learning the ropes; experience is vital and will give you the knowledge required to begin working independently and signing up clients. You will see how other PTs handle their business and be able to pick up some tips to improve your methods.

You start signing your own clients

Once you have built up your knowledge and experience, you can start signing your own clients - The fun starts here! You can pick your clients, choose your hours, whether you want to work seven days a week or just 3; the versatility is there. Whether you choose to be a specialised PT or focus on all areas, you will be on the journey of a lifetime in a career that you are passionate about.

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