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on 24/11/2017 by Gary Wiswell


It is possibly one of the biggest barriers that personal trainers have to overcome with new female clients… 

The fear of going big or bulky because of weight training. As FitAsylum™ qualified personal trainers we know that this is not true. The purpose of this short blog is to outline why this is not true and why weight training is good for women’s health and physiques.

It is one of the biggest myths that surrounds women and weight training. In our opinion, it is mainly down to social media, poor education and misconceptions. Women will naturally find it harder to put on bulk or masses of muscle through weight training for a number of reasons. The main reason is the lack of testosterone. In most cases, men find it difficult to put on large amounts of muscle or bulk and they have a significantly higher level of testosterone in their system when compared to women. Testosterone is the key ingredient to building muscle and without, it will be twice as difficult.

With this in mind, it takes a long time for women to gain masses amount of muscle as well as the use of anabolic steroids to help. The average woman who trains 3-4 times a week and follows a healthy, well balanced nutrition plan, will find it extremely difficult to build up a huge amount of muscle or bulk.

Although building masses amount of bulk will be difficult, there are plenty of other benefits for women who weight train regularly and consistently. During the FitAsylum™ Personal Training qualification we discuss these areas in detail:

  • Prevent osteoporosis. Post-menopausal women are more susceptible to osteoporosis. However, regular weight training has regularly been proven to improve bone density in men and women. With this in mind, there is a strong argument that if women weight train then the likelihood of developing brittle bones later in life is drastically lowered.
  • More effective fat loss. Women who weight train on a regular basis are far more likely to shred the fat in comparison to those who don’t train or rely solely on cardiovascular training.
  • Easier to maintain your physique. Regular weight training will result in a higher calorie expenditure, even when at rest.
  • Weight training will result in far more definition that what CV training on its own will do.
  • Stress relief. If you are reading this and feel that stress has no major influence or impact on your physique… you would be wrong. Stress has a huge influence on fat loss, achieving your dream physique and also your health. Regular weight training can help reduce stress.
  • Improved sleep. Similar to stress above, a lack of sleep will impact your ability to drop fat and achieve the physique you want. In fact, the recovery phase between workouts is just as important as the actual workout itself. With this in mind, the best way to recover is by following a ritualistic sleep pattern and aim for 8 hours a night where possible.

As well as the points outlined above, there are several other reasons why women should weight train. These include: increased confidence, improved strength, prevent injuries, falls and trips and the feel good factor associated with training.

In conclusion, regular weight training won’t result in the average woman in gaining a bulky physique or masses amount of muscle. It will however improve their health, wellbeing and physique. For more information on anything fitness, health or nutrition orientated please check out the rest of our fitness blogs.

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