Ally Painter, Online Gym and PT

Ally Painter, Online Gym and PT

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on 02/03/2022 by Gary Wiswell

Take a look at what Ally had to say about the course, and why the online Gym and PT course is for you!


So, what made you decide to do the course with Fitasylum? "I've been training for about five years now, and I've been competing a lot in that as well and I just enjoy the helping other people side of it. Seeing people progress. That along with working on my own progression, it just sort of made sense to go down the route of personal training."

And on the course so far, what would you say has been the most helpful? "The most helpful bit for me was probably the tutor calls to be honest. Because it's quite a lot of work because I work full time as well. I train every day as well. So doing the diploma on top of that is a lot, but when you have the tutor calls it sort of puts your mind at ease a little bit that you're on the right track and you’re doing enough, and you've got the right stuff there to help you through this."

Where do you plan to go from here, What's your next step? "So I’ll get this qualification done and then I want to be an online personal coach. So I’ll start looking into that later on this year and start building a portfolio of clients and hope to take it from there."

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