Hannah Luckavitch, Online Gym and PT

Hannah Luckavitch, Online Gym and PT

Published in Testimonials
on 03/05/2022 by Callum Mulvaney

Recently we caught up with Han, who has completed the Online gym and PT course with Fitasylum!

So, Han, you've just passed your level three. How do you feel?

"I'm made up. All the hard work's payed off."

And what have you enjoyed about the course?

"All the knowledge it’s given me in my own training and obviously training other people and becoming a Personal Trainer."

Over the last few months, how do you think you've progressed?

"So much in especially in my own training, I feel like I've learned a lot, which helped me, and coming from not knowing anything and now I’m fully qualified I think I’ve done really well."

Why did you start the course with Fitasylum?

"I know people that's done the course with Fitasylum, and they're all very successful Personal Trainers, and it was one of the best companies to go for, especially with being able to do it online and still doing my own things day to day."

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