Rob Nugent, Online Gym and PT

Rob Nugent, Online Gym and PT

Published in Testimonials
on 03/05/2022 by Gary Wiswell

Read a testimonial from Rob Nugent,

One of our Online Gym and PT Course learners who recently gained his qualification!

What made you decide to do this course?

"I’ve had a passion for fitness for the last four or five years, I completely changed my lifestyle, I became a CrossFit coach in that time and just decided that this would be a great opportunity to expand my skill set into Personal Training as well."

And how was your experience learning with Fitasylum?

"It's fantastic. It's really flexible. I can learn from home. There's lots of support in terms of online workshops and assessment centers, and I can do the study in my own time."

And what's your next plans? How is this going to help you moving forward?

"So moving forward it will help me with my career in the CrossFit world. But also, I'm looking to establish some coaching to other busy dads who want to improve the lifestyle and get fitter and healthier and feel a lot better."

Thanks Rob for the testimonial!

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