Instructing Circuit Sessions

Instructing Circuit Sessions

L2 Circuit Courses

Want to instruct multiple clients at once for more income? Thought so!

Q) So this is to lead circuit classes, right?

A) Exactly. This is an add on that can be done after your Level 2 Fitness Instructing Certificate, to show everyone you’re officially a boss circuit class instructor. Reported benefits include: boosted income (more clients from same time input), guru-like status, client-to-client community support, clients tend to bring friends, which also leads to…. You guessed it, more income!

Q) Ker-ching! Tell me more, does it take long?

A) Good question, even better answer- It only takes one day on a course with the FitAsylum™ crew! You’ll learn class structures, how to use communication and music to motivate, and what vital components to include. There will be an assessment at the end of the day then you’re all set.

Q) Then I can bring in money instructing my own sessions?

A) Yep! Go make it rain. Fitness isn't owned! ... It's rented, and you have to pay rent everyday. 

Q) HELLO! Sign me up!

A) Give us a call, we'll book you on the course closest to you and let you know if you're eligible for a loan or funding, bonus!

Q) I'd like a bit more info on the course content?

A) No problem, check out the links below for the technical geeky stuff.

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