F.A.S.T Certificate

F.A.S.T is an assault on all components of fitness! Functional Agility & Speed Training, it’s crammed with awesomeness

Q) Come again?

A) It stands for Functional Agility and Speed Training but the main thing you need to know is that IT. IS. AWESOME. Seriously, it’s like a HIIT style challenge for every component of health AND skill related fitness, is great for sports people, those training for assault course style events and for people who just want a damn good all-round workout. So much win.

Q) It DOES sound awesome. Tell me more

A)  It get’s even better! It’s totally adaptable to your environment and equipment, in fact, you don’t even really need equipment, or you can have lots of equipment, it’s up to you! Indoors or outdoors? Doesn’t matter, work with what you’ve got. Ladder runs, crawls, plyometrics, hurdles and all sorts of other stuff to challenge the brain as well as the bod. Oh and you’ll learn how to improve people’s posture, gait and technique which helps them day-to-day too. See- epic!

Q) That’s class! So I’ll learn all that and be able to run sessions?

A) YES! Whether they’re conditioning for sports, entering tough mudders, applying for Ninja Warrior (why not?) or just getting fit and smashing their beach body goals, you can help them on their way.

Q)F.A.S.T FTW! Where do I sign up?

A) We told you it was epic! Give us a call and we’ll get you on the course closest to you, see you soon!

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Courses in various locations including: 

Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Preston, Cheshire, Blackpool

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