Nutrition Courses

Q) Who and what is this for?

A) You! Whether you’re an aspiring fitness model or body builder who wants to hone your physique, or a PT who wants better results for your clients, this course will give you what you need.

Q) What does it involve?

A) This is a one day course where you’ll cover varied advanced nutrition methods for different goals and body types, how to apply them, meal frequency, psychological factors, lead up/exit from competition and just as importantly- what do do in the off season.

Q) It’ll really help me and my clients?

A) Yep! A top nutrition plan + workout combo will have everyone smashing their goals, fact! Abs are made in the kitchen.

Q) I have heard that, how do I sign up?

A) Give us a call, we'll book you on the course closest to you and let you know if you're eligible for a loan or funding, bonus!

Course Dates & Locations

Manchester - 1 Day Course
  • Course Date - Saturday 30th November 2019



Brand: FitAsylum™

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