Taping & Strapping Workshop

Taping & Strapping Workshop

Taping & Strapping Courses

This workshop will give the attendee an introduction to the use of taping and strapping techniques to aid both the treatment and prevention of injury. 

Q) What will I learn?

A) Lots...In a nutshell you'll learn from our industry professionals on how to tape and strap athletes for both the prevention and treatment of injury. Our tutors have a vast array of knowledge and work with professional clubs across a range of sports including, football, rugby, athletics as well as WWE. The aim of this course is to teach you how to tape and strap to limit joint movement, whilst still allowing the athlete to function during their chosen sport or exercise.

Q) Do I need to have any previous knowledge or qualifications?

A)  To get the maximum out of the course you'll need to have some Anatomy & Physiology understanding, better still if you have an A & P qualification such as the ones we deliver on our Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Sports Massage. If your unsure, just drop us an email with your knowledge and experience and we'll be able to tell you if this course if for you.

Q) So at the end of the course, what areas of the body will I know how to strap and tape?

A) We'll be covering how to support the foot and ankle as well as the the knee, further up the body we'll look at the thumb, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. 

Q) Does this course cover kinesiology tape

A) No that's another course altogether, if you'd like us put one on, then just drop us an email and we can look at some future dates.

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