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Meet The Team

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Take a little time out to get to know our team here at Fitasylum, we're a helpful and happy team with a wide range of skills and knowledge that I'm sure you can put to the test, we won't buckle!


Name: Amy

Location: Liverpool and surrounding area

Background: I started out as a beauty therapist and progressed onto Sports Massage. I am a level 5 Sports Massage Therapist and work with a range of clients from the elderly to professional athletes.

Current role: I work as a holistic and Sports Massage Therapist alongside teaching.

Outside of work: I have a husband, 2 children and a dog so my hobbies include watching paw patrol and dodging stray Lego on the landing. I also love a good cuppa and catch up with friends.


Name: Well, if my mum were writing this my name would be Carolyn, however I much prefer to be known as Caz!

Location: North West, mainly Blackpool

Background/Specialty: I started out as a PT after Uni then moved into an Assessor role, specialising in the areas of Business Skills & Management.

Current role/Typical day: After taking my two children to school & picking up a strong coffee, I set off on my travels to see my learners either on a one-to-one basis or on a group delivery basis for knowledge days.

Outside of work: I like to spend time with family and friends. We have two children who keep us busy with their football, swimming and gymnastics! Sometimes we take a well deserved break from this and eat out with friends, enjoying some nice food and wine, though it doesn't happen too often..... it does pay to have an ex-Chef for a hubby at home! I’m Currently saving up for a trip over to Oz to see my bro and family... he thinks the highlight is seeing them but I’ll let you in on a secret- I’m more looking forward to a trip to the Neighbours set in Melbourne (avid fan for 30 years... sad I know, but I just love it!).


Name: Chloe, also referred to as Shirley :-)

Location: Wigan/FitAsylum Office

Background/Speciality: Too young to have a background, haha,  I started working at FitAsylum when I was 18, and I’ve now been here 3 years. Still the youngest & coolest.

Current role/Typical day: I currently work in admin, and I’m also the data coordinator. I’m also the team brew maker.

Outside of work: Professional napper and professional eater. Oh and I love a holiday. Oh and a cocktail or two


Name: Chris

Location: Warrington

Background/Specialty: I have worked in the fitness industry since 2010, starting out as a Fitness Instructor before moving into personal training and sports massage therapy. Part way through my fitness career I decided to study sport and management at university which led to me moving into education in 2016, teaching sport and business to learners aged 16-19. Although teaching takes up the majority of my time, I still run a mobile sports massage business part-time.

Current role/Typical day: Teaching Business Studies and Sports Massage.

Outside of work: When I'm not working I enjoy being outdoors and active. This includes anything from walking/climbing to mountain biking, and I try to get into the gym at least 3 times a week.


Name: Dan

Location: Warrington & Bolton

Background: I have taught sport and exercise science for 12 years, working with students from level two, all the way through to degree level. I am qualified in Personal Training and Gym Instruction, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Advanced Sports Performance Trainer and Level 4 Sports Massage therapist as well as having a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. I am also a football coach and lead on the Football Programme at the college where I work. In addition to Tutoring for Fit Asylum and Teaching I am also a Standards Verifier and Examiner for BTEC courses.

Current role: Teacher of Sport and Exercise Science, Head of Football and Level 2 Strategic Manager.

Outside of work: I have a wife and five year old son who both keep me very busy, and my hobbies include playing football and futsal as well as socialising with friends!


Name: Dan, Danny, or Daniel if I’m in trouble.

Location: Across the North West

Background/Specialty: I left school to become a Footballer, and after retiring from the beautiful game at a young age, I went into the Fitness Industry Coaching, Teaching Classes and Personal Training. I took a break from fitness and joined the Police to fight crime and lock up subhuman scum. After a while decided it wasn’t for me and got back into another branch of fitness with Teaching and Assessing.

Current role/Typical day: Since switching from an Assessors role, I now look at teaching and developing the training programmes and courses that we deliver, as well as aiming to increase all business areas and highlight new potential courses. In a nutshell… I make the stuff we do better and get more people into training.

Outside of work: I’m married, with 3 kids and a little dog, so my life is not my own… easily bottom of the food chain in my own house, but wouldn’t change it for the world! I absolutely love teaching fitness classes and connecting with a variety of people. I like to think I have a good sense of humour and always joke about. I’m big on films and love any opportunity to listen to music.


Name: Dave...never David

Location: All over the North West!

Background/Specialty: My first job upon leaving school was a Hairdresser!!! I then served for 10 years with 1st Royal Tank Regiment and was an Army Physical Training Instructor. I followed this with 10 Years as a Police Specialist Trainer, delivering Public Order, Self Defence, Handcuff and Baton Skills and Physical Training. I then moved into delivering Sports and Fitness Qualifications for various Colleges before co-founding FLM Training and FitAsylum™.

Current role/Typical day: I’m Company Director but I still have a passion for (and involvement in) training and  delivery! My day-to-day job is mainly developing and maintaining customer partnerships.

Outside of work: Most of my hobbies revolve around sport. I’ve competed in many triathlons and many other sports from Swimming to Tug of War. I hit the gym at least 4 times a week, working as a PT for friends in exchange for donations to charity. I also enjoy spending time with my son and watching him play Rugby.


Name: Dec

Location: All over the UK (I’m an online tutor)

Background/Speciality: I specialise in personal training/coaching and have over 11 years experience. I’m a former powerlifter and owned 2 gyms. I have a degree in sports excellence(a fancy way of saying sports coaching). I also have an array of coaching badges and qualifications in cricket/weightlifting etc

Current role/Typical day: I’m an Assessor and tutor for FitAsylum™. This involves me imparting my wisdom and experience regarding personal training. An essential part of my day is coffee.

Outside of work: I love all sports, I currently have a goal to compete in weightlifting, I also play cricket, football, golf and occasionally squash. I’m also a massive fan of food (this is why my girlfriend is Italian).


Name: Eddie 

Location: All over the North West but mainly Liverpool, Lancashire and Manchester

Background/Speciality: I hold a BSc in Sports Rehabilitation and MSc in sports therapy. I specialise in neuro-related rehab including neuro-muscular repatterning. I work a lot with tri-athletes.

Current role/Typical day: I’m an Assessor, internal verifier and Sports Massage tutor for FitAsylum™. This involves teaching groups on courses. I worked as a rehab instructor in the RAF for 12 years before leaving to become a University lecturer, having taught sports therapy and sports, fitness and management. I still run a private practice delivering musculoskeletal therapy alongside working for the football association as a doping controls supervisor and educator.

Outside of work: I enjoy fell-running and spending what time I have with my family.


Name: Gary, sometimes referred to as Gaz or Gazza

Location: Wigan / FitAsylum™ Office

Background/Speciality: Started out on construction sites working all over England and Germany (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) then ended up in Prison….. as a tutor/assessor, not an inmate! Then I progressed onto the Management of Government funded Apprenticeships, training programmes and courses, before co-founding FLM Training in 2013 and more recently FitAsylum™.

Current role/Typical day: Finance, bid writing, government contracts, as well as making brews for (and generally getting a hard time from) the girls in the office.

Outside of work: I love travel and holidays, from the Caribbean to caravanning in Cumbria. I also enjoy taking part in and watching sport, including cycling and triathlons as well as watching my youngest play rugby & football. I also enjoy eating good food and drinking good wine and the odd real ale!


Name: Harry

Location: All over the North West but mainly Cheshire

Background/Specialty: I’m a Bsc in Sports therapy. I worked in Professional Rugby League for Warrington Wolves and Samoa during the 2013 World Cup, providing first team Sports Massage. I owned my own clinic and now I’m taking a lead in education.

Current role/Typical day: : I am the Operations Manager for FLM, this involves managing staff, supporting students and working with our customers within the leisure industry.

Outside of work:  I Play rugby for Holmes Chapel and enjoy cycling. I have a young daughter who keeps me pretty busy!!


Name: Jamie

Age: 28

Location: Wigan, North West

Background Specialty: My main area of expertise is within the fitness industry. Initially I was a Strength & conditioning coach / sport scientist for the Wigan Warriors for 3 years, from 2013-2016 and finishing with a Grand Final win at Old Trafford. However, since then, I have decided to run my own business and work with the generic public rather than professional athletes in order to gain more experience within the fitness industry and learn new training methods. Alongside this, I am also a course tutor in sports massage and PT level 2 and 3 which I enjoy helping others try not to make the same mistakes I did! Plus I get to learn some new things from the learners along the way!

Outside of work: I try to lift some weights when I can and compete on the odd occasion with my friends, but I mainly do this for the food that occurs afterwards.


Name: Jon

Location: - St Helens / North West

Background / Specialty: Worked in the leisure industry for 15 years, attaining management level before retraining in health and safety, as well as Sports Massage Therapy, which I used to gain employment in the education sector and assessing.

Current role: Assessing future Sports Massage and Fitness Instructor practitioner's.

Outside of Work: Enjoy spending what little time I have at home with my family. My picture will give the best hint of were a lot of my spare time is spent! I don't just enjoy watching the best RLC (St Helens), but I am also connected to the greatest sport of all by working with various teams from a coaching and team treatment angle. I currently work with Pilkington Recs Open Age but also volunteer with my son's rugby team assisting with the coaching and team treatment. Luckily my love of the game has rubbed off to on my son, who is currently on a scholarship with Warrington Wolves. Regardless of that I will always back Saints! Oooooooohhhhhhh When the Saints!!!!


Name: Lee 

Location: Liverpool and around the North West

Background/Specialty: My background lies within the fitness industry- I’ve worked as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Assessor, Internal Verifier and Quality Manager for twenty years. This should tell you that I am pretty old.

Current role/Typical day: As a quality manager my typical day involves ensuring that teaching and assessing is of a high standard. I can be seen travelling around the North West for this, trying to uncover the whereabouts of our assessors and tutors who will more often than not, go out of their way to avoid me. Fortunately for me I have secret access to their electronic calendars.

Outside of work: Most of my spare time is spent searching for assessors and tutors who are hiding from me in car parks, toilets and under tables. When I do get some time away from this I enjoy live music, training and trying to avoid having to watch Emmerdale.


Name: Marcus

Location: Based in Leeds but work across the North West, Manchester/Cheshire

Background/Specialty: My fitness industry journey began working as an Army Physical Training Instructor which led onto gaining a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a PGCE teaching qualification. My love of health and fitness took me to work as a personal trainer at Champneys Health Spa Resorts where I was embarrassingly featured in a 6-episode BBC documentary called ‘The health farm’. This led to opening and managing an independent gym. I’ve worked as an officer safety trainer delivering trainer courses in self-defense, baton, handcuff and conflict management to police officers. I have trained security personnel for Manchester City and for the 2012 Olympic games. I have assessed and quality assured PT courses for the Fire Brigade Union, taught entry level to degree level sports qualifications in colleges and own a Pilates business. However, one of my favourite jobs was a bingo caller “2 little ducks” at a Scarborough holiday camp.

Typical working week: Currently my time is split between working within a quality department at a college dedicated to raising the standards of all tutors that teach there. Teaching evening Pilates sessions, personal training clients and delivering and assessing PT courses for Fit Asylum.

Outside of work: My family would argue that my favourite pastime is to look for opportunities to take on even more work. But I feel I do attempt to balance this out with world-wide holidays, trips to the gym and have recently discovered the addiction of watching boxsets.


Name: Michaela. Also known as Kayla, Mic or Mitch, depending who's company I'm in!

Location: North West / FitAsylum™ office

Background/Specialty: I've mainly worked in the leisure sector, developing my skills and experience over the years to cover a few different job roles. I then decided to branch out into education, gaining my quals to join the FitAsylum team as an assessor. I've now moved more into the digital marketing side of things.

Current Role/Typical Day: I'm usually in the FitAsylum office, creating social media posts, writing blogs and trying not to snack too much.

Outside of Work: I love tea and travel. I would say I'm quite active but, if I'm honest, that's declined a bit since buying a house that needs work! What else, oh I'm a HP geek and I have a sweet tooth!


Name: Mike

Location: North West based in Cheshire

Background: BA(Hons) in Coaching and sports development. I have coached a range of sports to different levels, mainly hockey and swimming. I worked as a duty manager and have 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

Current role/Typical day: I am an assessor for FLM training. This involves teaching apprentices all over the North West.

Outside of work: I enjoy outdoor pursuits like climbing, cycling and running. I also enjoy going to watch live music, if anyone has a spare Glastonbury ticket let me know! But my main passion is golf. Fore!!


Name: Mike

Location: Manchester and surrounding area

Background: I have worked in the fitness industry for 14 years now. I started out as a fitness instructor and group exercise instructor, then progressing on to a personal trainer, before going to university to complete a Professional Diploma in Education. I then moved over to the education side of the industry and have been teaching/assessing courses for the past 9 years.

Current role: I am a freelance tutor and assessor for FitAsylum teaching and assessing on the level 2 Gym Instructor programme and level 3 Personal Trainer programme.

Outside of work: I'm married and have a 3 year old son that keeps me on my toes most of the time. I love my Rugby League and am a massive Salford Red Devils fan, attending as many games as work allows. I am also a Strength and Conditioning coach for Wigan Warriors Women's Rugby League team and I have my own Sports Massage business.


Name: Phil, unless I'm playing scrabble and then it's PhillipWesleyWright #triplewordscore

Location: Yorkshire

Background: After a number of years in the military I realised my passion was in health and fitness and have now been working in this incredible and slightly bonkers industry for well over 10 years. Starting out as a PT, I've managed to squeeze a lot into my time in the industry including teaching, assessing, setting up and owning a large gym and running multiple boot camps. My passion however will always be helping people on their journey in fitness.

Current role: I currently teach, assess, write articles and run a remote athletic coaching programme.

Outside of work: I have two amazing daughters and a big family who we spend a lot of time with. I love spending time outdoors, being a big kid and drinking coffee.


Name: Seán

Location: East Lancs, Blackpool and Greater Manchester

Background/Specialty: I served for 7 years as an Army Commando, leaving in 2013. I went from a training soldier to working with children - not too dissimilar in some ways! After 3 years as Training Manager for an Education Company, I decided it was time to get back in the thick of it and joined the FitAsylum™ Team.

Current role/Typical day: Meeting learners to carry out assessment's and observations and generally helping them to complete their work, to teaching Fitness Based Qualifications including Gym and PT. I also work on the FitAsylum™ video content.

Outside of work: I like to keep busy. Olympic Lifting, CrossFit and owning Extreme Bean Coffee Company.


Name: Simon

Location: Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool

Background: I’ve been a sport science lecturer for 12 years and have been an assessor and internal verifier across a range fitness qualifications for 18 years. I specialise in gym, personal, training, GP referral, lower back pain and massage.

Current role: Lecturer and assessor in gym instructing and personal training.

Outside of work: Travelling with my Fiancé, walking our dog Dougal, a season ticket holder at Blackburn Rovers (don’t hold it against me) and an addiction to watching most sports.


Name: Steve

Location: Manchester/Salford

Background: I started out in Leisure as a teenager whilst at college; I then joined the Police Service and served for 3yrs before deciding to attend university where I studied sports injury.  At the same time I worked for the local community Leisure centre as a Lifeguard with a view of progressing more specifically into gym environment as I was very keen on strength and conditioning.

My aspirations came to fruition and I constantly wanted to increase my knowledge and education within the fitness area.  I currently work as a full time instructor which incorporates a GP Referral scheme. I conduct Boot Camps 3 times a week and HIIT sessions as well as strength and conditioning.  I’m a keen cyclist to which I set myself targets to raise money for cancer research, the last being the Manchester to Blackpool.

Future Goal and aspiration: To become a permanent Assessor/Tutor and pass on my knowledge and experience.

Outside of work: I love animals; I have 3 dogs, 3 guinea pigs, 3 Degus and 8 Chickens. I’m a film Buff and there’s not much I haven’t seen. I’ve been married 11 years and I’m still alive....Joking oh and I love tattoos.


Name: Vikki

Location: Wigan / FitAsylum™ Office

Background/Specialty: I've worked in Training for 20 years, progressing from an Administrator to Contracts Manager. Currently do a little bit of everything at FitAsylum™, I am apparently the company’s ‘funding guru’, my mind is full of useless information!

Current role/Typical day: Contract Administration, coordinating courses, speaking to learners, assessors and tutors and generally trying to organise everyone!!

Outside of work: I spend most of my weekends on either a Football or Rugby Pitch watching my little boy play, following this I generally require a glass of Prosecco or Gin! I also like to catch up with friends and family. I enjoy my holidays and try to go on as many as is humanly possible!!

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