Award In Education And Training Courses

Award In Education And Training Courses

Award in Education and Training Courses


FitAsylum offers the Active IQ Level 3 Award in Education and Training (previously known as the PTTLS) at level 3 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework. This course enables learners with the knowledge to be able to deliver education and training to individuals and/or groups in an environment/subject, in which they are technically competent

Q) What’s this then?

A) Got a passion for fitness? Experience in the fitness world? Want to be like, or become, one of our awesome Fitasylum™ crew, and pass your knowledge on to others? This is the course for you! 

Q) YES! That’s the next step for me, how do I make it happen?

A) You’ll need at least a level 3 qualification and experience in the area you want to teach. You’ll attend a course to get to grips with everything, complete some coursework, then we’ll observe you teaching and assessing. You’ll get feedback AND start building experience, handy.

Q) Great, how long does it take?

A) First you'll attend a 2 day course with our lead tutor, its pretty relaxed and you will get homework.... but don't worry you'll be given all the info you need to complete the work set, then its just a case of cracking on with your assignment and portfolio questions, and that's it you'll be all done once you submit the work.

Q) Sounds good! How do I sign up?

A) Give us a call, we'll sort you out with a course closest to you and answer any questions you might have.

Q) I'd like a bit more info on the Level 3 Award In Education & Training course content?

A) No problem, check out the links below for the technical geeky stuff.

Course Dates & Locations

Online Training Course
  • Study in your own time at your own pace.


Qualification Guidance (AET).pdf
Statement of Declared Purpose (AET).pdf

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