L3 Gym Instructing and Personal Training Courses

L3 Gym Instructing and Personal Training Courses

Gym Instructing and Fast Track Personal Training Course



This course is CIMSPA accredited, and award you 10 CPD points to allow you to become a member with CIMSPA

What’s the difference between this Diploma and the Certificates?

This is our way of giving you a quicker, more wallet-friendly way to become a fully qualified PT, this qualification combines both the level 2 gym course and level 3 PT courses, fast tracking you to Personal Training greatness. The course is run over 11 weeks with 8 Face to face delivery days including assessment days. Our Expert Tutors then offer weekly support and help during the study periods. 

WHY Fitasylum?

We deliver very high standards of quality, being Ofsted Inspected means we uphold to a higher industry standard and deliver on quality in how we deliver the course. All our tutors have worked as PT's and have been successful PT's meaning we can give you industry experience to every piece of work you complete. Throughout your course you will get access to FITPRO, with over 30 FREE CPD modules to complete such as plant based nutrition, online trainer, business marketing and mental health you will be well kitted out for employment. Our customer service is what will stand out to you, with support from our admin team, Facebook groups and 1-1 tutor support. 

Awesome! Then I can start my Personal Training career?

Yep, you’ll be a fully fledged PT! The PT qualification is backed by Ofqual and endorsed by CIMSPA and the Register of Exercise Professionals. Once you complete you will gain 10 CIMSPA points and can become a CIMSPA member, which gives you insurance and membership to start your own business or work for a company. We have links with Gym Career, granting you access to the latest vacancies from across the country including the likes of The Gym Group, Nuffield Health and Pure Gym. Now we can offer you a guaranteed interview with The GYM Group so your career can get a jump start. 

Can I get funding?

Yep, the PT course can be fully funded through the Governments Advanced Learning Loans, alternatively we offer interest free payments, just give Vikki a call in the office and she'll give you all the options.

Awesome! Where do I sign up?

Give us a call, we'll book you on the PT course closest to you.

I'd like a bit more information on the PT course content!

Call now, or email us at admin@fitasylum.co.uk for all the information needed! 

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Personal Trainer Course Manchester Dates

Personal Trainer Courses Liverpool Dates

Personal Trainer Courses Cheshire Dates

Course Dates & Locations

  • Friday 19th August 2022
  • Thursday 1st September 2022          
  • Friday 2nd September 2022
  • Friday 9th September 2022     
  • Friday 23rd September 2022
  • Thursday 6th October 2022  
  • Friday 7th October 2022
  • Friday 21st October 2022
  • Sunday 18th September 2022
  • Saturday 1st October 2022           
  • Sunday 2nd October 2022
  • Saturday 8th October 2022     
  • Saturday 22nd October 2022 
  • Saturday 5th November  2022    
  • Sunday 6th November 2022
  • Saturday 19th November 2022
  • Wednesday 28th September 2022
  • Wednesday 12th October 2022           
  • Thursday 13th October 2022
  • Thursday 20th October 2022     
  • Wednesday 2nd November 2022 
  • Wednesday 16th November 2022    
  • Thursday 17th November 2022
  • Wednesday 30th November 2022
  • Friday 7th October 2022
  • Thursday 20th October 2022           
  • Friday 21st October 2022
  • Friday 28th October 2022     
  • Friday 11th November 2022    
  • Thursday 24th November 2022
  • Friday 25th November 2022
  • Friday 9th December 2022
  • Saturday 7th January 2023
  • Saturday 21st January 2023   
  • Sunday 22nd January 2023
  • Saturday 28th January 2023  
  • Saturday 11th February 2023
  • Saturday 25th February 2023 
  • Sunday 26th February 2023
  • Saturday 11th March 2023 
  • Monday 9th January 2023
  • Monday 23rd January 2023
  • Tuesday 24th January 2023
  • Monday 30th January 2023
  • Tuesday 14th February 2023
  • Monday 27th February 2023
  • Tuesday 28th February 2023
  • Monday 13th March 2023
  • Friday 27th January 2023
  • Thursday 9th February 2023
  • Friday 10th February 2023
  • Friday 17th February 2023
  • Friday 3rd March 2023
  • Thursday 16th March 2023
  • Friday 17th March 2023
  • Friday 31st March 2023
  • Sunday 19th February 2023
  • Saturday 4th March 2023           
  • Sunday 5th March 2023
  • Sunday 12th March 2023     
  • Saturday 25th March 2023 
  • Saturday 8th April 2023   
  • Sunday 9th April 2023
  • Saturday 22nd April 2023


Statement of Declared Purpose (Fitness Instructing Personal Training).pdf
Qualification Guidance (Gym Instructing & Personal Training).pdf

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