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on 25/11/2017 by Gary Wiswell


With Christmas parties almost here, the little black dress preparations are in full swing. With this in mind, we have decided to outline our top 5 tips to help you fit in that black dress, new pair of trousers or just to feel better about your own health and wellbeing.

At FitAsylum™ we are getting excited for the festivities and have already booked our office Christmas party, so we’ll be joining you in this journey ourselves. However, one thing we don’t advocate or promote on our personal trainer courses is crash diets, as we firmly believe that these don’t work, with this in mind these top 5 tips are sustainable and don’t have to be just for the festive season, but can also last long term.

Tip #1 – Be more active. This doesn’t always involve going to the gym, bootcamps or running 10k every night, it maybe something like walking to the shop, joining a walking group, joining a fitness class or even spending more time in the garden  #Simples! However, for optimum body composition changes we highly recommend that you seek out an FitAsylum™ graduate Personal Trainer and undertake some 1-2-1 or group training which focusses on specific resistance training and structured CV exercise.

Tip #2 – Be consistent. Consistency is far better than short periods of perfection. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition and eating habits. Quite often clients don’t understand how quickly one day of poor eating can undo 3-4 days of perfection. Therefore, during our nutrition course we often discuss the 90/10 rule where clients should aim to be compliant for 90% of the time.

Tip #3 – Stay away from crash diets. Crash diets such as zero carbohydrates, shake diets or even juice diets all set us up to fail in some way or another. Those failures may not be visible as inevitably if you stop eating and replace your meals with drinks and juices you will naturally lose weight, but what we don’t see is the destruction those diets cause inside your body. Poor nutrition choices and super low calorific diets can disrupt your hormonal system, sleep patterns, fertility and in some cases stop the menstrual cycles in women.

Tip #4Reduce physical stress. This is a biggy, and something we really stress (excuse the pun) during our personal training courses is that stress causes each body and physique to react differently. Some people may hold more fat, others feel tense and some may over eat to compensate – either way stress is not good for body composition. If you reduce stress by improving your sleep patterns, exercise more, maybe meditate or attend Yoga classes or by improving your nutrition then the achievement of your body composition goals become much more achievable.

Tip #5 – Set Goals. It is a proven fact that when we set realistic, specific and measurable goals we are far more likely to achieve them. Quite often we set mini goals without an actual planned achievement date. This demonstrates a lack of commitment and as a result you won’t fully apply yourself and you’ll only achieve half of the results.

*Bonus nutrition tips on reducing stress and shedding fat: Reduce / remove all hydrogenated fat and refined carbohydrate dominant foods. Reduce alcohol intake and reduce the amount you smoke. Be smart with the types of carbohydrates you eat and more importantly when you eat them (**Bonus tip – complex carbohydrates before bed will help you sleep better). For more information on how to structure a nutrition plan we strongly advise that you contact an FitAsylum™ graduate Personal Trainer.

We hope you found this short blog interesting and helpful. For more interesting blogs please visit our fitlife blog.

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