Holly Jones, Online Gym and PT

Holly Jones, Online Gym and PT

Published in Testimonials
on 07/03/2022 by Gary Wiswell

Recently we caught up with Holly, who has completed the Online gym and PT course with Fitasylum!

You've just completed the level three personal training course. How are you feeling?

“Brilliant. Glad I’ve passed.”

How did you find the course?

“It was really interesting, lots of stuff I didn’t know. I learned loads of things. I definitely think the blended course helps, coming in, getting feedback in person. Yeah, it's really good.  I really enjoyed it.”

What three key areas have you learned on the course?" 

"So, how to put a program together and tailor it to somebody, learned the basics of nutrition. You know what we should be eating to fuel our bodies and a lot of anatomy stuff that I didn't know before, like muscle groups. What works what, and what exercises work well, so that's the main three things that I'll take.”

Why did you start the course?

“So, I started lifting weights maybe eighteen months ago, and I really, really enjoyed it. And I've always been quite slim. So, I wanted to, bulk, not bulk up you know, get bigger. Not be as slim. So, I thought, if I can do it then maybe I could help with people other do it as well.”

Everyone at Fitasylum wish Holly the best in her career!

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